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Vice Chancellor south campus visit
Research conclave for Research Scholars of Department of Electronic Science, Oct 2022
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Faculty Members
PCB Design workshop using EDWinXP and PCB Prototyping Machine, Jan 2023
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Department Front
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Image of DOES Front View
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Image of DOES Front View
Department's Front View
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Image of DOES Side View
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Image of M.Tech (Batch 2017-19)
M.Tech (Batch 2017-19)
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Image of M.Sc (Batch 2021-23)
M.Sc (Batch 2021-23)
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Image of M.Tech (Batch 2018-20)
M.Tech (Batch 2018-20)
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Image of M.Tech (Batch 2018-20)
Alumni Meet 2019
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Image of M.Sc. (Batch 2018-20)
M.Sc. (Batch 2018-20)


The Department of Electronic Science was established in 1985 and is widely recognised as one of the most prestigious Electronic Science Departments in the country.

The Department is conducting courses leading to M.Tech in Microwave Electronics and M.Sc. in Electronics. The aim of these programmes is to provide the necessary theoretical background and practical experience in order to meet the requirements of the R&D Organizations and Industries. All students joining the M.Sc. course are required to undergo summer training in the Industry or R&D Organisations. In addition, the M.Tech and M.Sc. students work for 6 months on projects in collaboration with Industry and R&D Organisations. The curriculum of these courses is updated regularly to keep it in consonance with the changing industrial environment. The interface with the Industry is further enhanced by an annual seminar under the Visitor’s Programme in which professionals from industry, R&D organizations and academics are invited. Our alumini, now spread over a large number of government and private organisations, facilitate these interactions.

A full range of resources and facilities are available to the students. The department has a well equipped computer laboratory with various circuit simulation and microwave design software for students. In addition, there are well equipped laboratories for experimental work in the following areas: Microwave Measurements, Communication Electronics, Circuit Design, Electrical Machines and Control Systems, Electronic Materials and Semiconductor Devices, Microprocessors and Digital Signal Processing and Optical Electronics.

Attempt is made to assess the students’ performance through continuous series of tests and presentations in addition to semester end examinations to ensure highest standards.

The Department is actively helping the students in their placement through Campus interviews. Students graduating from the Department have found positions in both government and private organizations working in Space Applications, Telecommunications and Semiconductors.

The students graduating from the programs have the necessary theoretical and practical skills to take on any R&D and Production responsibilities in today’s complex and challenging environment. This is evident from the contributions and achievements of our alumni in organizations like ST Microelectronics, Cadence, HFCL, Aricent, Transwitch, SAMEER, ISRO, DRDO laboratories and many more.



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