PhD. Award List

Number of Ph.D awarded (2012 - 2017)- 36
Sr. No. Name of Research Scholar Year of Registration Year of Award Title
1. Mr. Devinder Madhwal 2009 2012 Development of Conducting Polymer Based White Light Emitting Diode
2. Mr. Yogendra Kumar Awasthi 2006 2012 Modeling of Multilayer Anisotropic Microstrip & Study of Pulse Propagation
3. Mr. Ashwani Kumar 2008 2013 Synthesis of Defected Ground Structure (DGS) Based Lowpass and Bandstop Filters for Microwave Application
4. Ms. Neha Katyal 2008 2012 Investigation of Wave Mixing In Photorefractive Materials Sillenites
5. Ms. Rajni Gautam 2010 2014 Analytical Modeling and Simulation of Cylindrical Gate All Around MOSFET – Reliability and Sensor Applications
6. Ms. Monika Bhattacharya 2010 2014 Modeling, Simulation and Characterization of Noise in InAlAs/InGaAs Tied-geometry Double-gate High Electron Mobility Transistor for Millimeter-wave Applications
7. Mr. Anil Kumar 2011 2014 Study of Surface Plasmon and Lossy Mode Resonances in Optical Waveguides and their Applications
8. Ms. Renu Gulyani 2011 2014 Theoritical Modelling and Parameter Extraction of Dye Sensitized Solar Cell
9. Ms. Jyoti Bansal 2010 2014 Carbon Nanotube Based Bio-sensor
10. Mr. Yumlembam Premkumar Singh  2011 2014 Theoretical Study of Absorption Enhancement in Silicon Substrate using Plasmonic Nanostructures  for  Photovoltaic Devices
11. Mr. Shiv Kumar Dixit 2011 2015 Conducting Polymer based Hybrid Solar Cells
12. Ms. Neha Verma 2010 2015 Modeling and Simulation of Enhanced Gate Control and Quantum effects in a Nano-scale Double Heterostructure InAlAs/InGaAs DGHEMT for Applications in Millimeter-wave and Optical Communications
13. Mr. Sanjeev Kumar 2011 2016 Development and Modification of Semiconducting Oxide based Nanostructures and Nanocomposites by Ion Irradiation for Photovoltaic Application
14. Ms. Neetu Prasad 2011 2016 Electronic and Optical Characterization of  Graphene and its Applications
15. Ms. Anita Kumari 2011 2016 Characterization of Graphene for Device Applications
16. Mr. Parveen 2011 2016 Three-port RF Characterizations and Noise Modeling of Separate Gate Double Hetero-Structure InAlAs/InGaAs/InAlAs DG-HEMT for Millimeter Wave Mixer Applications
17. Mr. Yogesh Pratap 2012 2016 Modeling, Simulation and Characterization of Gate All Around Junctionless Transistor- Reliability and Digital Applications
18. Ms. Amandeep Kaur 2012 2016 Fabrication and Characterization of Carbon Nanotubes and Polymer Based Vapor Sensor
19. Ms. Priyal Jain 2011 2016 Surface Plasmon Resonance in Tin Sulfide Thin Films: Application in Solar Cells
20. Ms. Neetu Prasad 2011 2016 Electronic and Optical Characterization of  Graphene and its Applications
21. Ms. Poonam Shokeen 2014 2017 Investigation of Enhanced Light Trapping Mechanism in Plasmonic Solar Cell
22. Mr. Ajay 2013 2017 Modeling and Simulation Based Investigation of Field-Effect Transistors for Sensing Applications
23. ServinRathi 2007 2012 Modeling, Simulation & Characterization of Modified Different Gate Geometric Double Gate High Electron Mobility Transistor for High Power and High Frequency Applications with Two Separate/Common Gate Control
24. Priyanka Malik 2008 2013 Analytical modeling and simulation of advanced MOSFET structures in sub-100nm regime
25. Pujarini Ghosh 2009 2013 Capacitive Modeling Simulation and Characterization of Surrounded/Cylindrical Gate MOSFET (SGT/CGT) for High Frequency Applications
26. Vandana Kumari 2010 2014 Impact of Dielectric Pocket on Different Gate Geometry MOSFET Architectures for Improved Analog and Digital Performance: Modeling and Simulation
27. Rakhi Narang 2010 2014 Analytical Modeling and Simulation of Multiple Gate Geometry Tunneling Field Effect Transistors for Low Power Logic Circuit Design and Biosensing Applications
28. Jay Hind Kumar Verma 2013 2017 Impact of Inner Core Gate on Cylindrical Surrounding Gate (CSG) MOSFET: Modeling, Simulation and Characterization
29. Ms. Jyoti Anand 2006 2013 Modeling &Design of Coaxial Fibers for Gain Flattening in Erbium Doped Fibres & Pulse Dispersion Compensation
30. Ms. Nainu Priya Choudhary 2010 2014 Design of High Performance Microstrip Lowpass and Multiband Bandstop Filter.
31. Dr. Payal Majumdar 2007 2013 Analytical Modeling of Single Layer and Multi-Layer Planar Transmission Lines
32. Mr. Naorem Santakrus 2006 2013 Solar cell
33. Mr. Paramjeet Singh 2008 2014 Analysis of Multilayer Lossy Iso/Anisotropic CPW Like Transmission  Lines Using Integrated SDA and SLR Methods
34. Ms. Upasana 2013 2017 Steep Sub-Threshold Devices for Energy Efficient Circuits: Modeling and Simulation Study
35. Mr. Manoj Kumar 2014 2017 Analytical  Modelling, Simulation and Characterization of Schottky Barrier (SB) Gate All Around (GAA) MOSFET Structures for Low Power Applications
36. Ms. Shivani Sital 2011 2017 Analysis and Simulation of Propagation in Metal-Dielectric Plasmonic Waveguide and Devices