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Image of DOES Front View
Department's Front View
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Department's Side View
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Image of M.Tech (Batch 2017-19)
M.Tech (Batch 2017-19)
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M.Sc (Batch 2017-19)
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M.Tech (Batch 2018-20)
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Image of M.Sc. (Batch 2018-20)
M.Sc. (Batch 2018-20)


The University of Delhi, established in 1922, is a premier University of the country, known for high standards in teaching and research. The University initiated in the early seventies a new concept of a multi-campus system. The South-Campus is the- first new Campus, spread over an area of 69 acres amidst the natural green surroundings on the Aravali hill range. The Campus has developed beautifully with full facilities for students. There is a well equipped library and an Internet Access Network. Hostel accommodation is available on the campus for both, girls and boys.

The South Campus has come to have its own identity by exclusively offering post-graduate courses of applied and professional nature in several subjects and endeavoured to achieve excellence both in teaching and research. The Department of Electronic Science, under the Faculty of Interdisciplinary and Applied Sciences, offers such courses at the M.Sc. level in Electronics as well as the M.Tech. level in Microwave Electronics, and has good research facilities in several areas. The other Departments under the Faculty include Biochemistry, Biophysics, Genetics, Microbiology and Plant Molecular Biology. To keep in pace with the vast changes brought about by the revolution in information technology an Institute of Informatics and Communication has also been established under this Faculty.

The South Campus endeavors have been to develop an ideal environment where the students can grow and become socially conscious, disciplined, responsible and inspiring leaders of the future.